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Croton Reservoir Tavern
108 W. 40th St.
(Bet. Broadway & 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 997-6835



About Croton Reservoir Tavern: 
When you and your guests enter the warm ambience of the Croton Reservoir Tavern, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to 19th century America. Exposed brick, wrought iron railings, stained glass, and glowing candlelight await you behind plush velvet curtains. Comfortably classic, our accommodations are suitable for both casual and formal events. We feature two beautifully designed floors each with its own full size oak bar, brass studded leather chairs, granite tabletops, and plenty of room for socializing and dancing. The downstairs lounge also features a DJ booth, ideal for your choice of music. When booking your party at the Croton Reservoir Tavern, you have several beverage and food options designed to meet the needs of any type of event. It is the perfect place to enjoy a large selection of fine wine and premium liquor with bottle service available if desired. If you have food in mind, our gourmet cuisine ranges from hors d’oeurves to entrees, boasting a variety of tantalizing selections including steak, seafood, poultry, and pasta. Our menu is prepared by Aaron Block, one of New York’s finest and critically acclaimed chefs, so whether you envision a buffet or a plated sit down dinner, our cuisine will please even the most discriminating palette. Join us for a memorable experience; we also invite corporate and promotional events. The Croton Reservoir Tavern is an American restaurant and bar with a palpable turn of the century feel that recalls the days of cobblestone streets and horse drawn carriages.The Tavern was named in honor of the Croton Reservoir, one of Manhattan’s forgotten landmarks. Once the city’s main water source, the basin was filled in to lay the foundation for the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. Come see the beautiful decor featuring a 50 foot oak bar and a 150 square foot mural of the Croton Reservoir (circa 1885). Relax in one of our private leather booths or venture downstairs to the cozy atmosphere of the brick bar for intimate dining, drinking, and dancing. The cosmopolitan American cuisine, prepared by Chef Aaron Block, is perfect for lunch or dinner. New York’s best service staff will make you feel at home while the skilled bartenders pour you only the best of any drink you desire

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (W, Th, F: 5 PM - 8 PM)
  • $3 Domestic Drafts
  • $5 Flavored Martinis

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