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M. J. Armstrongs
329 First Ave.
((19th St.))
New York, NY 10003
(212) 358-9946

2 Big Screens behind the bar and 14 tv's in and around the dining area.
About M. J. Armstrongs: 
We wanted to create a place where the atmosphere was casual and relaxed, where people could come and have a drink, watch the game and still be able to enjoy a great meal with family and friends.

- Stephen, co-owner M.J. Armstrong's

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Weekly Deals:
Wednesday Night is Trivai Quiz Night in the basement pub room 8 PM - 10:30 PM
Girls Night Out Beer/ wine/ Cocktail Specials 5 PM - 9 PM
MJ's Pub Room Available for Open Bar Parties
MJ's Pub Room Available for Open Bar Parties
MJ's All U Can Drink Brunch $13.95 Noon - 4 PM

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