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Tiki Room
4 W. 22nd St.
(btw 5th & 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10010
(646) 230-1444


Nightly DJ's Tuesday to Saturday. The Tiki Room invites you to join us after work for that much needed drink!
About Tiki Room: 
Like any good Tiki bar, Tiki Room will be growing more tropical vibe while maintaining its edgy surf culture. Tiki Room is truly an original concept that came from its owner and originator, Eddie Dean, who has commissioned renowned nightlife artist Howie Keck to take it up a notch by installing some his signature tribal and jungle like "howiegliphics." Inspired by nightlife's modern tribal mixing and 21st century beats and groves, Howie has been an important artistic planet in the pop culture universe since the late 80's when he worked with Madonna and Keith Haring to more recently working with Britney Spears painting her custom airbrushed costumes for the MTV Video Awards. The Tiki Room is a contemporary update of the classic Tiki style bars that have etched their way into American history. Howie Keck will be adding new Tiki-esque mural paintings that will envelope the entire space. Tiki Room is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, audio and visual systems. The custom designed lighting includes transporter overhead beams that change color. The bar will glow from 42" High Definition Plasma screens that will show beach and surf videos as well as loop tropical images, enhancing the vacation feeling. These Plasma screens are designed for quick interface for Internet access or individualized images for private events or presentations. The new menu offers "vacation cuisine" featuring small plates that are reminiscent of the exotic flavors enjoyed on a trip to Bali or Brazil, yet still maintain classic Hawaiian flavors. An equally exciting drink menu abounds with rare tropical fruit juices that are blended to order. Imagine sipping a Pina Colada that was just blended with fresh pineapple and coconuts artfully displayed at the bar. The high tech slurp machine makes perfect frozen libations sure to keep the summer cool and vacation spirit alive. This top of the line blending machine made by Vita Mix is the first of its kind in Manhattan. Tiki Room celebrates the cocktail hour from 5PM to 8pm Tuesday through Friday, which includes specialty drinks and light fare. The kitchen is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5pm to midnight. Tiki Room offers harried New Yorkers a true vacation spot, sans the velvet ropes, bouncers or attitude. Tiki Room is the place to go to get away from it all - without ever leaving the isle of Manhattan.

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