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613 2nd Avenue
(33rd and 34th street)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 638-3000

  • 4 flat screen TVs in bar area
  • 2 TVs out on the patio
  • 1 large high def TV in the lounge

  • Internet Jukebox
  • Different music zones for different atmospheres
  • DJ during special events
  • Karaoke Wednesdays!

    About Underground: 
    Three personalities in one — bar, patio and lounge...

    A exposed-brick bar to relax with your friends when you just want to unwind or have a few laughs — featuring 4 flat screen TVs and an internet jukebox...

    A patio area out back to soak in the sun or enjoy the night air — featuring an outdoor bar and 2 TVs...

    A candle-lit lounge area to bring you favorite other after a nearby movie or date - featuring lounge area bar and large flat screen TV.

    By Subway:
  • 6 to 34th St stop

    By Bus:
  • M15 to 34th St stop
  • M101,102,103 to 34th St stop

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  • Happy Hour Deals:
      (Mon - Fri: 4 PM - 8 PM)
    • $1 Drafts
    • $3 Well drinks

    Weekly Deals:
    $8 Any Beer + Any Shot 8 PM - Close
    $5 Mug Night 8 PM - Close
    $4 Domestic Bottle or Draft 9 PM - Close
    $3 Domestic bottle or draft 9 PM - 12 AM
    Reverse Happy Hour! 12 AM - 4 AM
    $5 Martinis, Appletinis & Cosmos 8 PM - Close

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