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Hook and Ladder Pub
611 Second Avenue
(between 33rd and 34th)
New York, NY 10016

The HOOK has EIGHT beer pong tables, including traditional pong with paddles. There are 6 televisions.
Playlists include Rock, 80's and 90's, Current Top 40, and Hip-Hop. Live Music every Friday night at 10m featuring the in-house cover band Finkle is Einhorn.
About Hook and Ladder Pub: 
The Hook and Ladder Pub is a bar with amazingly cheap drink deals and an outdoor back patio open all year round.
Take the 6 train to 33rd Street at Park. We are 3 blocks East.

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (Everyday: - 8 PM)
  • $10 Pitchers for Beer Pong

Weekly Deals:
$2 PBR & $3 Miller High Life Open - Close
BOMB NIGHT! 1/2 Off the Entire Bar including BOMBS! 4 PM - 4 AM
2 For 2'sday. Buy one get one free. 4 PM - 4 AM
Roll the Dice to Name Your Price. Power Hour at 10pm!! 2 PM - 4 AM
$10 ALL U CAN DRINK TAP BEER from 9pm-Midnight. $5 Well Drinks til 9pm. 2 PM - 4 AM
$3 Jager. Live Music at 10pm: In-house cover band Finkle is Einhorn!!! 2 PM - 4 AM
Climb the (Hook&)Ladder. Pitchers start @ $6, the price goes up $1/hour. 2 PM - 9 PM
FOOTBALL SUNDAYS! Free Pizza and Wings at Half-Time. $3 Drafts & Bottles Noon - 4 AM

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