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417 Lafayette St
((Astor Pl & 4th St))
New York, NY 10013

About COLORS: 
HE RESTAURANT Located on a busy street in the NOHO (North of Houston) area of Manhattan, COLORS is a cooperative restaurant. COLORS is owned collectively by its employees, many of whom are former workers from Windows on the World, the legendary restaurant located atop the World Trade Center. COLORS serves global cuisine fused with classic American-style fare and is dedicated in equal parts to excellence in food quality, service and employee welfare.
The dining room is a chic and sophisticated space designed in classic art deco style featuring original light fixtures from the 1939 World's Fair and reproductions of 1930's era design elements. There is a main dining room that seats 100 guests and a private dining room that seats 25. For events that don't require seating, the dining room can accommodate up to 225 people.
A Peters Projection map of the globe spans the length of the south wall, reminding diners of the kind of global culinary experience they are about to have.
Chef Christopher Faulkner and his team have the capacity to cater large-scale events as well as create custom menus tailored specifically to any special occasion.

Take the 6 train to Astor Place or R /W to 8th Street

(A few doors down from the National Public Theater)

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