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The Pub
312 Grand St.
(Corner of Havemeyer)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Darts, Pinball Machine, Megatouch, Great Jukebox, 4 TV's, 12 Foot Projection screen for watching sports and movies on...
DJ Law every Friday Night!!!
DJ SyN every Saturday Night!!!
Great Jukebox!!!
Classic Rock, Rock, Folk, Blues, Swing, Ska, Metal, Punk, Hip-Hop... and on and on

About The Pub: 
Good ol Irish Pub in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...
Longest Bar around town and the biggest/cleanest bathrooms!!! Cheap drinks and friendly bartenders!!!
Let's do a shot!!!

Back garden is available for smoking, chillin, and grillin!!!

Close to the L and G trains.
Also right off the BQE

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Happy Hour Deals:

Weekly Deals:
$5 = PBR and a Chaser!!! Open - Close
Double Happy Hour 12 AM - 2 AM
Double Happy Hour 12 AM - 2 AM
Metal Nite Wednesdays!!! 10 PM - 4 AM
Thirsty Thursday - Second Happy Hour 10 PM - 12 AM
Ladies Night!!! 11 PM - 1 AM
$3=24oz of BEER!!! 8 PM - Close
$3=24oz of BEER!!! 8 PM - Close
BBQ in the Backyard!!! 2 PM - 8 PM

Deal Details:
    Ladies Night!!!
  • All you ladies come on down to The Pub!!!
    Your drinks will be 1/2 off on beer and well drinks from 11 to 1am!!!
    That could make for a pretty good night!

    (Guys, dont forget... there is also the 2nd happy hour from 10pm to 12am for you to enjoy!)

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