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Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway
(between Bleecker & Houston Streets)
New York, NY 10012

Attracting an energetic and good looking crowd in their mid 20-30's, the Gonzalez y Gonzalez is the place to go for the hottest in Latin music in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Sip one of our eight margarita flavors or just enjoy a cool cerveza. Filled with authentic Mexican folk art and featuring the longest bar in Manhattan (an entire city block in length!), Gonzalez presents the hottest established and upcoming Latin bands, playing salsa, merengue and salsa/jazz.

From Salsa & Merengue to Bachata & Reggaeton, Gonzalez is THE New York City destination for the best Latin sounds. A vibrant crowd, great eats & drinks, an awesome atmosphere and slammin' rhythms are what to expect every week!

About Gonzalez y Gonzalez: 
Gonzalez y Gonzalez, located in the heart of downtown Manhattan between Greenwich Village and Soho, is the place to enjoy the authentic Mexican experience. This restaurant/bar offers an array of traditional 'South of the Border' dishes such as fajitas and burritos, and original dishes like Cebiche Acapulqueno and Budin Azteca. We also offer a choice of vegetarian dishes such as our Plato Vegetariano.

Complemented with eight margarita flavors and a full list of cervezas, tequilas and cocktails, Gonzalez y Gonzalez is downtown's Mexican Cantina! All this is set in a festive ambience of authentic Mexican folk art, the longest bar in Manhattan (an entire city block in length!), and live bands and DJs playing salsa, merengue, salsa/jazz and salsa/dance.

Subway: 6 to Bleecker Street; W & R (N on Weekends) to Prince Street; or F, B, D, & V to B'way/Lafayette

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