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Dewey's Flatiron
210 Fifth Ave.
((btw 25th & 26th St.))
New York, NY 10010
(212) 696-2337

About Dewey's Flatiron: 
Deweys Flatiron Bar/Restaurant was established in 1996. Dewey, Rich & Chris have created a friendly, moderately priced attitude-free, environment where our patrons eat, drink and socialize in a unique atomosphere. The building was built near the turn of the century and has been meticulously restored to reflect that bygone era.

The decor features a 20ft high brick vaulted ceilings and two hand-painted sepiatone historical murals of the historic Battle of Manilla Bay stand upwards of 15ft high. Atop the back bar sits an antique 1916 brass cash register and a replica of Deweys Arch. At one time the arch stood on 24th Street and 5th Ave, commemorating Admiral Dewey's victory over the Spanish Fleet in the Spanish American War.

Deweys Flatiron caters to all types of private and corporate events and functions such holiday parties, luncheons, birthday parties and charity fund-raisers. The space can accommodate groups up to 300 people. The secluded lounge area is perfect for a smaller, more intimate gatherings.

The mezzanine has its own full service private bar as well as a billiards table and can accommadate up to 150 people. Dewey's Flatiron offers the lounge, mezzanine or the entire bar for special events

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Happy Hour Deals:
    (M, Tu, W: 4:30 PM - 7 PM)
  • $5 Well Drinks $4 Bud lite, Miller lite & Coors lite Drafts

Weekly Deals:
$5 Newcastle Brown Ale 4:30 PM - 7 PM
$5 cosmos and flavored martinis 4:30 PM - 7 PM
$5 Well Drinks 7 PM - 9 PM

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