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287 3rd Ave.
(@ 22nd st)
New York, NY 10010

About Molly's: 
Molly’s Pub and Restaurant, which stands at 287
Third Avenue, was first established as a bar in 1895
(name unknown). During Prohibition (1920-1933)
it operated as a grocery store, and in the mid 1930s,
following the repeal of Prohibition, the retail space once
again began to serve alcohol and the building’s three
upper floors became a rooming house for transient
workers. The bar was constructed from Honduran
mahogany which, together with the original wood-
burning fireplace, is still in place today.

In 1964 the business was purchased by the Purfield
family from Dublin and Galway, designed by Stanley
Franks in the Tudor style that exists today, and named
Molly Malone’s after a popular Irish folk song. In 1991,
Molly Malone’s was taken over by Peter O’Connell from
Co Meath, who renamed it Molly’s Shebeen (a shebeen
is an illegal drinking establishment). In 1995 Peter
was joined by John Ronaghan from Co Monaghan,
and together they manage Molly’s, serving traditional
Irish and American pub fare to a loyal and much-
appreciated Gramercy neighborhood.

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