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Off The Wagon
109 MacDougal Street
(Between Bleecker and W. 3rd St.)
New York, NY 10012

Foos ball, All DTV packagages including MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, All NCAA, Big Ten Network, All Fox Sports Networks
Live Rock n Roll DJ Mon-Sat
About Off The Wagon: 
Off The Wagon (OTW) opened its doors on August 10, 1998 in the heart of Greenwich Village at 109 MacDougal Street. Off the Wagon is the fifth of a group of bars under the same ownership. Since 1998, Off The Wagon has experienced tremendous success and is known as one of the most popular bars in New York City. With its proximity to NYU and several other colleges and universities, Off The Wagon is often filled with students as well as many locals and tourists. Off The Wagon welcomes all of these groups with great specials, great sports, great music, and more importantly, a staff who is both fun and professional.

Subway - A,B,C,D,E,F,V To West 4th St
6 Train to Bleecker St., 1 Train to Sheridan Square

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Happy Hour Deals:
  • Whole Bar 1/2 Price

Weekly Deals:
$1 Drafts and $8 Pitchers 8 PM - 4 AM
OTW College Night 8 PM - 4 AM
Ladies Night - You Call It 8 PM - 4 AM
Thirsty Thursday's 8 PM - 4 AM
Saturday Night Pre-Party 7 PM - 9 PM
Beat The Clock Noon - 9 PM
$3 Sunday's 8 PM - 4 AM
Beat The Clock Noon - 8 PM

Deal Details:
    Ladies Night - You Call It
  • You Call It!!!
    Ladies Drink $2 Mixed Drinks, Drafts, and Shots

    $3.50 Sam Light Bottles &
    $4.00 Stella Bottles
    For All

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