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No Fun Bar
161 Ludlow st.
(bet. E. Houston & Stanton st.))
New York, NY 10002

Todd Montesi and Pat Rigby present awesome comics in front of a cool supportive crowd in the epicenter of hip NYC the East Village. Featuring both established comic veterans you've seen on TV to the up and comers, UG guarantees a swell time all for FREE! We've also got tons of drink specials! So what are you waiting for? Come down and UG! it with us!!!

UG! COMEDY SHOW!! 4.0 (Now @ No Fun Bar)
Presented by Todd Montesi and Pat Rigby
TUESDAYS (beginning Sept. 11th) @
No Fun Bar: 161 Ludlow St. (bet. Houston & Stanton st.)
showtime: 8:00PM No Cover, One Drink Min.
(Half priced select drinks till 9PM)
For info/reservations: 212-477-1616
Via subway: F train to 2nd ave.

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About No Fun Bar: 
drink specials, plus pro comedy show every tuesday night
F train to 2nd ave.

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Happy Hour Deals:
  • half priced select drinks till 9pm on Tuesdays (during UG! COMEDY SHOW!!)

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