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Opal Bar and Restaurant
251 E. 52nd st.
(2nd ave.)
New York, NY 10022
(212) 593-4321

Live Dj's, Plasma Screens
Top 40, House, 80's
About Opal Bar and Restaurant: 
Opal Bar and Restaurant is located on the NW corner of 52nd Street and Second Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

The restaurant is open daily for Lunch at Noon. On the weekends we serve a delicious Brunch from 12pm til 4pm. Our kitchen is open til 12:00am. Watch Sports on the 9 HDTV plasma screens or relax at one of several cozy tables. Drink Specials every night.

Opal is extremely popular both afterwork and as a late night destination. The front bar is a buzzing combination of long bar and booths, comfortable service, with a choice of many fine wines, single malt scotches, draft beers, and truly tasty appetizers and entrees.

The front bar is a perfect meeting place for fine wine and appetizers after work...

The Back Bar and party room is an exuberant bar that offers a wide range cocktails and a special Vodka selection ... With over 30 different brands of Vodka from around the world, this is the place to get your Martinis on! Live DJ

6, E, or V to 51st ave. On the corner of 52nd st. and 2nd ave.

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