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129 e.15th Street
(btwn Irving & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-8061

Rock, pop & roll! Thursday night is iPod night.
About Revival: 
Revival is a great neighborhood bar located around Union Square. We've got a garden in the back which is open until 11pm on the week nights, midnight on weekends. The upstairs lounge is cozy & packed with plenty of couches. Book your next party or gathering with us!

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Happy Hour Deals:

Weekly Deals:
After Irving Plaza Concerts
Garden 4 PM - 12 AM
Late Night 11 PM - 1 AM
Late Night 11 PM - 1 AM
Late Night 11 PM - 1 AM
iPod Night 7 PM - 4 AM
Late Night 11 PM - 1 AM
Late Night 11 PM - 1 AM

Deal Details:
    After Irving Plaza Concerts
  • $1off all drinks when you come to REVIVAL wearing a concert drink bracelet from Irving Plaza. Show the Irving Plaza drink bracelet to the bartender for $1 off any & all of your drinks for the rest of the night!!!

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