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Bar 12
206 34th St.
Play Beer Pong & Wii with $10 pitchers Everyday
206 EAST 34TH ST
$10 Pitchers of Domestic Beer for Beer Pong M, Tu, W
Exchange Bar and Grill
256 Third Ave
Ladies Night: Girls drink 2 for 1 Thursday
Hook and Ladder Pub
611 Second Avenue
$10 Pitchers for Beer Pong Everyday
Joshua Tree
513 3rd Avenue
$10 Pitchers of Coors Lite for Beer Pong, $5 Margaritas Monday6 PM - 4 AM
Mercury Bar
493 3rd Ave.
Play Beer Pong with $10 pitchers of Coors! Tuesday
Te-Kil-Ya Tuesdays $3 Cuervo shots, $4 Coronas/Margaritas Tuesday
Play Wii for free!! M, Tu
Ladies Night! 2 for 1 Cosmos and Apple Martinis Wednesday
Ladies drink FREE cosmos, appletinis, and well drinks 8-9pm!! Wednesday8 PM - 9 PM
Mica Bar
587 3rd Ave
Open Deck Everyday
575 Second Ave.
Flip Night Tuesday5 PM - 8 PM
$10 Open Bar W, Th6 PM - 8 PM
$25 Open Bar Friday5 PM - 8 PM
54 W. 21st St.
Ladies Night Complimentary Billiards, and weekly drink specials Thursday
Third & Long
523 Third Ave.
$3.00 Mixed Well Drinks (for ladies), $15.00 Bud Light Buckets Wednesday
"Kick the Keg" Saturdays SaturdayNoon - 8 PM
Tonic East
411 Third Ave
Ladies Drink Free Wednesday8 PM - 9 PM
Tonic East
411 3rd Ave
Wednesday Night Ladies Drink FREE Wednesday8 PM - 9 PM
Underground Bar & Lounge
613 2nd Ave
2 for 1-Ladies Nite + Flavored Martinis $6 Th, Sat8 PM - 12 AM
Not Quite Your Neighborhood, but Nearby...
"RIBOT" - Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge
780 3rd Ave.
FREE MARTINIS/MARGARITAS (up to 3 max) for all ladies on "LADIES NIGHT& Wednesday5 PM - 8 PM
219 Flamingo
219 2nd Ave.
Gay/Lesbian (Smoking Permitted) Everyday
248 W 14th St
G SPOT Thursday
Alphabet Lounge
104 Ave. C
80s night F, Sat
Bar None
98 3RD AVE
Wild Card Night Monday
LADIES NIGHT! $1 drinks for the ladies Wednesday
Beauty Bar
231 E 14th St.
$10 Martini & Manicure Tu, W, Th, F, Sat, Sun6:30 PM - Close
218 East 53rd St
Ladies $5 After 10 Wednesday10 PM - Close
$20 Open Bar W, Th, F6 PM - 8 PM
Caliente Cab Co
21 Waverly Pl
Ladies Night -Free Drink Tuesday
company bar &grill
242 e 10 th st
ladies nite weds 10pm-midnite Wednesday10 PM - 12 AM
Copia NYC
307 E53rd st
Free apple martini, cosmo, or glass of wine for ladies w. lunch! Friday
Ladies pay 5$ and get Absolut open bar 9-10pm! Saturday9 PM - 10 PM
961 2nd Avenue
$1 Mugs of Bud Light during Trivia Night Wednesday8 PM - 11 PM
Cosmic Cantina
105 3rd Ave
$20 Open Bar for the Ladies Wednesday9 PM - 2 AM
113 7th Ave
$5 All you can Drink Draft Beer Thursday10 PM - 12 AM
Doc Holliday's
141 Ave. A
Ladies Night $4 wells and $5 calls for ladies Wednesday
Doherty's Pub
218 E. 52nd Street
Ladies half price Wednesday6 PM - 9 PM
Flight 151
151 Eighth Ave
Flip Night Tuesday
Trivia Nights (for free drinks) Thursday
579 6th Ave.
hottest ladies night Friday
Hop Devil Grill
125 St. Marks Place
Ladies Night! $2 frozen margaritas Thursday
Karma Lounge
51 First Avenue
Smoking, Hookas, Sheeshas Everyday
2 West 35th Street
Thursday Ladies Night Thursday3 PM - Close
Kelly's Pub
12 Avenue A
Free Bubble Hockey and $3 Canadien Beer Monday8 PM - 10 PM
King's Head Tavern
222 E. 14th St.
Free bingo, win drinks\shots! Sunday
La Linea
15 1st Ave.
Ladies night Thursday
Lasagna Restaurant
196 8th ave
Ladies Night $5 Cocktails Everyday
Le Caire Lounge
189 E. 3rd Street Between Ave A&B
$15 All Hookas M, Tu, W, Th, Sun
$15 All Fruit Flavored Hookahs M, Tu, W, Th, Sun5:30 PM - Close
Lucky Cheng's
24 1st Ave.
Drag shows at 8:00 Everyday
M. J. Armstrongs
329 First Ave.
Trivia Night @ 7:30 $4 all Drafts/ $5 Wines Tuesday7 PM - 10 PM
McFadden's Saloon
800 Second Ave.
Ladies Night Wednesday5 PM - Close
$20 Top Shelf Open Bar Thursday6 PM - 8 PM
$20 Top Shelf Open Bar Friday6 PM - 8 PM
42nd St. & Park Ave.
Ladies night Tuesday
On The C Pub
129 Avenue C
Garden Open Everyday
Opal Bar and Restaurant
251 E. 52nd st.
Ladies Drink Free! Wednesday6 PM - 7 PM
2 For 1 Drinks For Ladies Wednesday7 PM - Close
Quigley's NY Grill
313 1st Ave
Back Yard Open Everyday
129 e.15th Street
After Irving Plaza Concerts Everyday
Garden Everyday4 PM - 12 AM
Happy Hour Everyday4 PM - 7 PM
25 Avenue B
Hot Fuckin' Pink Friday
Panty Party Saturday
State of Grace Pub
1074 1st Ave
Drink Specials Everyday Everyday5 PM - 8 PM
Ladies nite all nite w/ $5cosmos/flavor martinis. $3 bud/bud lt bottles. Thursday
Ladies Night Th, F
192 3rd Ave
$30 Beer Bongs Bud & Bud Light Sunday
192 Third Ave.
Ladies Drink Free Thursday10 PM - 11 PM
The Horsebox
218 Ave A
Ladies Night - $2 well, wine and select drafts Everyday
The Upper Deck
305 East 53rd Street
College Night !!! Guest Bartenders Welcome!!! Beer and well drinks $20.00 Thursday10:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Pre-Party 8-11 $30 open bar Saturday8 PM - 11 PM
SUNDAY FUNDAY $40 open bar 1-6 Sunday
The Village Pourhouse
64 Third Avenue
Almost Famous Rock Band/Guitar Hero Tuesdays Tuesday
Ladies Night Fridays Friday10 PM - 4 AM
Turtle Bay Grill & Lounge
987 Second Ave.
$1 Mug Night/ Beer Pong Wednesday
Ladies Night Friday5:30 PM - 10:30 PM
vu bar
17 west 32 street - 14th Floor
Patio Smoking Permitted Everyday
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