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Not Quite Your Neighborhood, but Nearby...
Lasagna Restaurant
196 8th ave
Le Caire Lounge
189 E. 3rd Street Between Ave A&B
M, Tu, W, Th, Sun
M, Tu, W, Th, Sun5:30 PM - Close
Lucky Cheng's
24 1st Ave.
M. J. Armstrongs
329 First Ave.
Tuesday7 PM - 10 PM
McFadden's Saloon
800 Second Ave.
Wednesday5 PM - Close
Thursday6 PM - 8 PM
Friday6 PM - 8 PM
42nd St. & Park Ave.
On The C Pub
129 Avenue C
Opal Bar and Restaurant
251 E. 52nd st.
Wednesday6 PM - 7 PM
Wednesday7 PM - Close
Quigley's NY Grill
313 1st Ave
129 e.15th Street
Everyday4 PM - 12 AM
Everyday4 PM - 7 PM
25 Avenue B
Friday10 PM
Saturday10 PM
State of Grace Pub
1074 1st Ave
Everyday5 PM - 8 PM
Th, F

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